Lara Rosnovsky

Lara is a multidisciplinary artist who has travelled the world extensively for 15 years, drawing her inspiration from folk and tribal traditions and artistic expression.

She is a founder and owner of Lara Rosnovsky design and fashion design lecturer at Shenkar college of engineering, design and art.

Born in Moscow, Lara immigrated to Israel at the age of seven. Having painted from an early age, she went on to study at Bezalel academy of art, later continuing her studies at the renowned cental st. Martin's school of art and design in London.

During her studies, she created her first brand, Lara k. Accessory line, based in hyper, one of the leading designer stores at the time, located in high street, Kensington, and featured in the leading uk fashion magazines. Upon her return to Israel, Lara established the Paganka fashion brand, distributed to 80 stores across the country.

In 2002 Lara founded a luxury fashion handbag brand under her name, including a privately owned enterprise in India.

The brand was sold throughout the world to major stores, and regularly featured in international trade shows.

Lara has extensive experience in manufacturing in the far east, having lived 6 years in India and 1 year in china.