Tressure Ring - Lara Rosnovsky
Tressure Ring - Lara Rosnovsky
Tressure Ring - Lara Rosnovsky
Tressure Ring - Lara Rosnovsky

Tressure Ring

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This Tressure ring is hand crafted from brass/silver and has a unique raw finishing.
The shape is asymmetrical and the appearance as if it is a treasure that was found in the deep water of a mystical land. This is a statement piece together with the luxurious, bold aesthetic that characterise the rest of Lara's jewelry.

•Front measurements: 2X2 cm

Avoid dropping or impact.
Avoid contact with water or any source of humidity.
Store the necklace carefully in the original box when not in use, after having wiped it with a soft duster cloth.
Complete the look together with Grace necklace.

For more information about sizes, check our ring size chart.
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